Happy Friday!

The Olympics are in full swing and it’s not too late to incorporate the Winter Games in your studio.

What is your favorite winter sport to watch? I love ice skating and ice dancing. When I was growing up, my parents would bring me to Stars on Ice every year when it came to St. Louis. I still have all the programs from our trips and enjoy watching to this day.



Piano Maestro has 16 different countries’ national anthems available in the app.  Download this free printable and challenge your students to learn anthems from several countries.

The printable has three blank stars by every flag and students can fill them in as they earn the stars on Piano Maestro.


Anthem Challenge Ideas

Individual challenge:

Set a specific number of stars for bronze, silver and gold and students can work towards prizes/medals based on how many stars are earned.

Example: 30-36 stars= Bronze (earn small prize/bronze medal)

37-42 stars= Silver (earn large prize/silver medal)

43-48 stars= Gold (earn ice cream party/gold medal)


Studio Challenge

Students compete to earn the most stars and award the top 3 students in your studio.


Team Challenge

Assign students to teams (or use your current groups as teams) and tally the points together to see which team earns the most stars.



Click picture to download your FREE copy.


Looking for other Olympic themed ideas? Visit my Pinterest page:


Happy teaching and happy Olympics!

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