The Alphabet Game

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The Alphabet GameThis lesson activity is great to use with beginners to get them familiar with the music alphabet.  It is very simple and no special materials are needed.

Prompt the student by saying, “I will say two letters, and you say the next letter.”

A, B, ?  D, E, ?  G, A, ? C, D, ?  F, G, ? etc.

Now let’s try some going backwards.

G, F, ?  D, C, ?  A, G, ?  F, E, ? etc.

If your student need help with this, have the letters of the musical alphabet displayed on paper or with flashcards.  If she needs additional help, point to the letters as you say them.  Have her point with you so she is feeling the direction of movement.

After the student has mastered this, try these variations.

  • Mix up the directions and give clues going both forwards and backwards.
  • I say two letters, and you say the next two:   A, B, ?, ?   G, F, ?, ?    B, C, ?, ?    E, F, ?, ?
  • Instead of steps, give clues in skips: A, C, ?    B, D, ?    F, A, ?
  • Now skip going backwards.
  • Mix steps, skips, and directions.
  • Take away the visual and do this activity with no help.
  • Have mom and dad play with their student at home.
  • Once students have learned the white keys, have them play each group on the piano.

This is a great activity that doesn’t take much lesson time, and the more you play, the more connections you will see the student make.   I learned this one from my piano professor at my university and she used it with her beginning students.  I love it and my students do, too!





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