A summer theme your students will go crazy for!

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This summer I wanted to incorporate something new at my studio.  I had been using Piano Points as an incentive program for two years (read more about Piano Points here) and it was time for a change.  I also wanted to create a studio theme based around the new program to get students excited. I saw a blog post on Teach Piano Today and I loved the idea of decorating the studio around that theme.

So, I borrowed the fish theme and put my  own spin on it.

 I went to my local teacher store and found as many fish related items that I could get my hands on. The ones I liked the most are from the teaching supply company, Trend, called “Sea Buddies”. They have stickers, bulletin board sets, incentive and pocket charts, and more.  Click here to see everything in the Sea Buddies line of products.

Here’s what my studio looked like after I decorated:


Students are welcomed with a poster reading  “Welcome! It’s so good to SEA you!”  I used blue streamers and hung them so students would get to walk through the “water” on their way to lessons.  I also had different types of sea creatures for students choose, write their name on, and find  a place in the sea among the green streamer “seaweed”. Also pictured is a chart where students could keep track of their completed “fish scales”.




I created posters using scrapbook paper, markers and some fish themed playing cards to teach students about the names of different ensembles based on the number of musicians.  This reminds me of “Under the Sea” from my favorite Disney movie, The Little Mermaid.  Don’t mind me while I sing… “What do they got? A lot of sand! We got a hot crustacean band!”


 I used these several different ways during my lessons this summer.  Click here to see some game ideas and lesson activities using these fish-themed cards or any deck of cards!

Fish Cards


I made a school of fish by hanging all of the pages that my students colored with these fun Color By Note fish.  My student, Emma, colored this particular fish.

Color by Note FishClick here for this product made by “Music with Miss W” from Teachers Pay Teachers.

There are several other music resources to go with the fish theme on TPT.  Just search for “fish music” and there are products focusing on rhythm, meter, staff reading, music symbols, bulletin board sets and much more!


Last but not least, stickers…for reward charts, passing songs and completing goals.

Do you have a theme in your studio? I’d love to hear about it! Tell me about it in the comments below.

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