Here’s a freebie for you! This can be used in one-on-one lessons or in partner and group lessons.

Click on the picture to download your free copy!

For one on one lesssons:

All you need for this activity is one Fill the Pot of Gold activity sheet and some gold coins. Pick up some plastic gold coins from your local dollar store or Michael’s (or use some yellow game markers you may already have.)

Students place the number of gold coins on the pot equal to the number of the beats each note receives.

I found my gold coins at a Michael’s arts & craft store.

For partner or group lessons:

You’ll need:

One Fill the Pot of Gold page per student

One die

Gold coins

Goal: To be the first player to fill all of their pots of gold

How to play: 

Player one rolls the die and takes the number of gold coins equal to the number on the die.

The player places each of the gold coins inside a pot (or pots) of their choice.

The die moves to the next  player and play continues until one player has filled all of their pots with the correct number of gold coins.

Feel free to adapt in any way you see fit!

While you’re downloading this freebie, get your Sham-Rockin’ Rhythm cards here:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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