Spice Up Your Piano Lessons

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Lesson Ideas | 8 comments

Spice Up Your Piano Lessons

Most evenings, after I’ve taught my last lesson of the night, you can usually find me watching shows on the Bravo TV network. Some of my favorites are The Real Housewives of Orange County, Beverly Hills, and New York, Top Chef, Best New Restaurant, Vanderpump Rules, and Million Dollar Listing.

There is a real estate agent on Million Dollar Listing-San Francisco who has recently inspired me in my teaching. His name is Roh Habibi. Roh is fun, full of life, energetic, and always smiling. What can a real estate agent on a reality TV show possibly offer to inspire piano teachers? Take a look at this 90 second clip from the show and I think you’ll quickly see why he has caught my attention. When Roh says “showing”— think piano lesson and when he says “buyers and brokers” — think piano student. Here is Roh talking about how he spices up showings. It’s worth waiting for the ad to play, I promise.

Roh Habibi breaks the repetitiveness of private showings and gets silly with his clients.

Just like real estate showings, piano lessons can get very repetitive and we find ourselves saying the same things over and over again. Think about how you can bring new life into your lessons as you read these quotes from Roh.
“If you look bored and your energy is low, the buyer student is gonna read that and you’re just gonna lose them.”

“If you’re having a blast, it’s infectious!”

“They’re gonna be smiling, they’re gonna be laughing, and they’re gonna be buying.” learning!

Here are some areas in our piano lessons that we can spice up!

How you greet your students
Do you always say the same thing as you greet each student? Are you really listening and connecting when your students talk to you? Are you making eye contact with them, or are you reaching for their lesson and assignment books? Are you showing interest in their life outside of piano?

Your appearance
Think about Roh and his rainbow wig, clown nose, and giant cowboy hat. Just looking at him made his clients smile and laugh. Now is the perfect time to look for something fun like this because stores are displaying Halloween costumes this time of year. Shake it up and have fun with this! Let your students see the silly side of your personality.

How you begin your lesson
Do you always start with scales? with the lesson book? Why not try something new? Mix it up and break free from routine. Your students will notice!

During the lesson
Try something new!

  • Playing a new game
  • Dancing
  • Taking a brain break
  • Watching a YouTube video
  • Rhythm Cups or Bucket Drumming
  • Off the bench activities or Whiteboard activities
  • Dancing
  • Trying out a new app

How you end your lesson
End on a high note so the student leaves feeling happy, inspired and empowered!

How are you going to spice up your piano lessons this week?

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