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piano recital decorations

Today I hope to provide you some ideas for decorating at your next event.  You may be thinking that decorations are just one more thing to add to your already long list of to-do’s for your recital, but I think this will be worth the extra effort.  Parents, grandparents, and guests are sure to notice the extra attention to detail.

Decorations can add to the atmosphere and theme of your recital.  Best of all, in my opinion, decorations provide the perfect backdrop to some great photo opportunities.  I talked yesterday about how photos can really bring some attention to your studio and will get noticed by FaceBook friends of your piano families.  What a cheap and easy way to advertise!

Decorations can be simple. They don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and they can make a big impact.  Let’s get started!


Balloons are inexpensive, festive, colorful, and fun! Choose different color combinations for various themes, holidays and seasons. Send the balloons home with your students after the recital, they’ll love it!

I chose colorful stars for a Pop recital…all of my students were Pop Stars!


Check out this recital that took balloons to the next level!

recital balloons



Holiday and Seasonal 

Do you decorate for Christmas? Halloween? different seasons? Bring out what you already own, it’s free!

Set a springy floral arrangement on the piano or some spooky Halloween props…

Halloween piano recital decorations


Christmas and holiday decor…


Sheet Music

I love the look of sheet music as decorations  You can make banners, paper chains, wreaths, and many other items from sheet music.


recital sheet music


 Themed Decor

Play up your theme as much as possible.  Create a fun atmosphere with themed props and decor.

See what you can find at Dollar Tree or your local dollar store.  This is where you can get the most bang for your buck.  They have decorations for every holiday and season and they also have balloons.

Some other places to check out for decorations are Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Party City and Oriental Trading for ideas.

The possibilities are endless!

What is the theme for your next recital and what decorations will you have?



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