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Well, you’ve done it! You’ve prepared your students, printed the programs, gave your welcome speech, and delighted in your students’ performances….maybe a little nail-biting or sweating occurred, too.  So, now what?

After my recital performances, I do these four things.

  1.  Thank everyone for coming and give the students another round of applause.
  2. Recognize each individual student with an award and/or goodie.  (This is what today’s post is all about!)
  3. Take a group picture.
  4. If there is a reception, invite everyone to stay, mingle, and congratulate the students on a job well done.

Let’s talk about recognizing each individual student.  I always like to take time to do this and here are some things that I hand out at this time.


I still have my recital certificates from when I was growing up taking piano lessons.  I think this is a lovely memento that can be added to any scrapbook, memory box, student binder, etc.

Here are three certificates I’ve created for my most recent recitals.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.29.24 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.24.38 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.27.19 PM


In 2012, in place of these certificates, I gave each student their own personalized award based on something that made them unique.  Whether it was about music, their personality, their hobbies or interests, etc.  these awards were super cute and I have a high school student who STILL has this hanging on her piano…four years later!  See picture below for proof 😉

Some examples: Biggest Harry Potter Fan, Best Dancer Award, Biggest Smile, Pop Star Award.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.04.12 AM


For some fun awards that are already designed for you, check out  these three great options offered by Melody Payne.

Melody’s awards include titles like Dazzling Duets, Memory Master, Creative Composer, and Rhythm Rockstar!




Whether you give trophies for each year your students are in lessons, or for an achievement they have accomplished, trophies make a big impact.  Students cherish their trophies and get so excited about receiving them.  Crown Awards and Dinn Bros. Trophy are two great options for ordering.




If you decide to give your students a little something extra for all of their hard work in leading up to the recital and something fun to take home after a great performance (even if it wasn’t that great, they showed up! and played in front of a room full of people!)-here are some ideas.

Earlier this week we talked about decorations.  Two of the decorating ideas were balloons and bouquet of flowers.  After the performances, hand out the balloons or a flower from the bouquet to each student.  You may want to bring extras for siblings and friends!

Last spring, my piano teacher friend took her balloons up a notch by inserting an encouraging note to each individual student in her balloons.  How sweet! She said the kids went crazy for the idea and were so excited to pop their balloon to see what she wrote for them.  She heard about the idea on Teach Piano Today.



Give your piano ROCK STARS a rockin’ treat!




Here’s what is inside…Pop ROCKS and ROCK candy!




These candy cartons can be filled with treats and given to your students at the recital. There is a little hole at the top to attach a balloon or ribbon.  These can be personalized with your studio logo and anything you want!

Not only do these make great gifts for your students, think of the impression you would make if you bring these to music teachers in the schools in your area.  They will be sure to remember the teacher who brought them one of these professionally designed boxes filled with goodies and recommend you to anyone who asks.

Visit Candy Cartons to design your box today!

Candy Cartons


What kind of awards and goodies do you give out at your recitals?

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