Pot of Gold Resources: Themed Assignment Sheets

by | Mar 14, 2017 | Lesson Ideas | 9 comments

Sarah Reaser O’Brien with The Piano School has created a resource that has made keeping track of student assignments a breeze!

Her themed assignment sheets are a hit with students, parents, and teachers.

Here’s why:

Students love the different design choices. My students enjoy choosing a different animal each week and the different designs for specific seasons or holidays.

Here are some of the fun choices Sarah has designed. The sloths and hedgehogs have become a favorite in my studio!


Do you ever find that your students are not even looking at their written assignments? They are sure to look at these!


Parents love the easy layout and being able to see exactly what their child should be practicing at home.  I have had several parents comment on how much they like these, and how easy it is to see if their child is practicing what has been assigned.

With the check off boxes by each line item,  keeping track of assignments is simple and straightforward for students, while parents and teachers can easily see what has been played.

A look at The Piano School’s cow assignment page in action. Notice the handy scale stickers and place for technology assignments.


With these assignment pages, teachers have WAY less writing to do, which saves time so teachers can actually be teaching…not writing!

I appreciate the spot for the lesson number right up top.  If you are on a semester plan, this is the perfect way to keep track of the number of lessons you have taught within the semester/year.

Some of Sarah’s holiday and seasonal themes:


And of course we wouldn’t be complete in our Pot of Gold series without a little St. Patrick’s Day!


Check out all of these and more at The Piano School’s Teachers Pay Teachers store.  After you’ve browsed all of the designs, comment here with YOUR favorite and which one you think your students will love best.  One lucky teacher will win their choice of design.  The winner will be announced…you guessed it…on St. Patrick’s Day!

I used the Decide Now app to help me select our winner!

Congratulations, Anna!

Can’t wait till Friday? Enjoy this freebie now!

Download Sarah’s free Pentascale page.


You can also find Sarah at the Composers Community.  Listen to her 5-star rated collection, Full Circle: A Year in Twelve Pieces and other original pieces.

Good luck! 

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