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Today’s resource that is worth it’s weight in gold comes from Leila Viss at 88 Piano Keys.  She has come up with a brilliant way to reinforce note values in her new game Rhythm on a Roll. Such a cute name!

I knew this was going to be a great game, but I didn’t realize just how crazy my students would be over it.

Rhythm on a Roll got a HUGE thumbs up!


Before I share more about my experience with Rhythm on a Roll, take a look at it in action from the creator herself!



Here’s what one teacher had to say about Rhythm on a Roll:

LOVE Rhythm on a Roll! So simple, and clever, and my first students to play it said the magic words: “Let’s do it again!” – Janelle

To say my students were excited about this game is an understatement. We played eight rounds of this and they were still wanting more!

So much more, that one of my groups would not stop until I let them use EVERY SINGLE dice I had in my studio…..27 to be exact!

Here are a couple variations I tried with my students:

  • For my younger students who needed to see the game in action a few times before trying it on their own, I chose 2 game boards.  Students rolled to determine which game board would be theirs, thus creating teams.  Evens were on one game board and odds were on another.  I walked them through both game boards and everyone on the team won or lost as a group.  Students rolled again and created new teams with every repetition.


  • Students swapped game boards every turn.


  • To add an extra element, students rolled one dice to determine which number would be subtracted instead of added.



Rhythm on a Roll includes four levels (six cards in each level) and instruction pages with variations that encourage creativity, prize ideas, and how to incorporate this game outside of group teaching. This is such a valuable resource that can be used in many ways.

Rhythm on a Roll is valued at $6.88 and Leila has been generous enough to offer $2 off with a special discount code for Fun Key Music readers.  Enter the code FUNKEYROLL at checkout through March 31st to receive your discount.


Get your copy today!


One lucky reader will get a FREE copy of Rhythm on a Roll.  To enter, comment with how you reinforce note values–especially for those students who think two eighth notes equals two beats.

Good luck to everyone! The winner will be announced this Friday, March 17th! On St. Patrick’s Day!

I used the Decide Now app to help choose our winner.

Congratulations, Jennifer! You and your students are going to LOVE this game! If you didn’t get the free game, remember you can download it at a discount through March 31st using the code FUNKEYROLL.  

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