Piano Points – a motiving incentive program for piano students

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Piano Points is a motivating incentive program that piano students really get excited about.  Students complete a task in order to earn points and use those points to “buy” prizes.  I first read about Piano Points on 4D Piano Teaching.  I loved the idea and wanted to customize it to my studio.  I like that students can work towards a prize they want and know exactly what it takes to get there!

I have several prizes at different point levels for students to work towards. For prizes worth 25 points, I have choices like movie theater boxes of candy, footballs, airplanes, arts and crafts, jewelry making, and other similar items from the dollar store. I love that place!!  I have higher point items like costume jewelry, music keychains, and picture frames.  The prizes worth the most cost 125 points and those are $5 gift cards to Target and WalMart.  My older students in junior high and high school really like those! It takes them a while to save, but they think it’s worth the effort!

Here’s how I set up my points:

Reaching your weekly practice goal
Going above and beyond your practice goal
Memorize a piece of music (1 point per page)
Compose a pentascale warm-up
Play a warm-up in all 12 keys
Memorize key signature rules
Memorize the order of sharps and flats
Learn a song that is not assigned
Play a duet with your teacher or parent
Attend a musical performance (concert, recital, musical, symphony)
Memorize all 12 major scales
Play and perform a duet with another student
Create a music game to play with other students
Label all of the chords in a piece of music
Write all 12 major scales on staff paper
Write all 12 minor scales on staff paper (natural +5, harmonic +5, melodic +5)
Complete the circle of 5ths (Major and minor) with no help


Play and perform a quartet
Participate in a Studio Recital
Participate in a Music Festival
Complete a level of method books
Compose a piece of music, notate, and perform
Teach your parents a song
Prepare a song for a YouTube performance
Perform at a school or church event


Download a printable version here PIANO POINTS


Here’s how we keep track of Piano Points:

Students choose a colored envelope and decorate it with their name on it.  They get a notecard to put inside where we tally their earned points.  Once students have spent their points, I highlight them to show which ones are used and count the remaining points they still have to spend.  So simple, yet so effective!

Piano Points Bulletin Board

Do you currently have an incentive program in your studio?  How does it work and how are your students responding to it?

Let us know in the comments below!

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