Piano Lessons at FunKey Music Academy are not your typical piano lessons!

We have A LOT of FUN and like to learn through many avenues: from one on one instructions, to group lessons, flash cards, games, white board activities, apps, computer software, etc…We are always incorporating new ways to learn music.

We also like to play a variety of styles including pop, rock, classical, and jazz. I love to teach songs from students favorite artists, TV shows, video games and movies! If students like the songs they are playing, they will practice more, progress more, and get more enjoyment out of making music!

testimonial 5Our weekly private lessons focus on the fundamentals of music including:Reading Musical Notation

  • Rhythm
  • Theory
  • Sight reading
  • Technique
  • Ear Training
  • Composition
  • Improvisation
  • Performance Preparation

Private lessons also include time in our technology lab.

testimonial 2Each year, we have six group lessons and students are sure to have a blast at these!  Check out some benefits of group lessons:

  • Provides confidence and experience in playing for others through performance opportunities
  • Develops rhythmic security through rhythm games, activities, and percussion instrument playing
  • Allows students to learn from peers as well as from teacher
  • Establishes a sense of group spirit and group dynamics that increase motivation, stimulation, and energy
  • Provides an atmosphere to present and practice concepts that are more efficient and effective than in a one-on-one setting
  •  Creates a healthy and positive competition that encourages students to do well at home and at group lessons with their peers
  • Develops concentration by maintaining one’s own part while hearing others play during ensembles

Check out this video from one of our group piano lessons!

testimonial 4Clinics and Workshops

Each year in May we bring in guest speakers to present to our students and go out for ice cream afterwards.  This is a fun way
to ring in the start of summer and the end of the school year.  There are also special giveaways at these events that students won’t want to miss! Students have won gift certificates, music jewelry and more.

We’ve hosted a “Science of Sound” workshop, where students were taught about how different sound vibrations travel through a variety of super cool instruments, some the students had never seen before.  The basics of sound generation, transmission, and reception were demonstrated in a fun and exciting way that grabbed the attention of all listeners.  Students played a “Name that Tune” game that had them jumping up and down to answer!

Another event we’ve put on was a “Careers in Music” night.  We hosted four music professionals: a music therapist and eldercare entertainer, an elementary music specialistWorship arts director and recording artist, Mark Roach, and dueling pianos performer and business owner of  Spanky Entertainment.  The students got to listen to amazing musical performances, hear about what it’s like to make a career out of music, play some fun games and ask lots of questions to the music professionals.

Annual Muny Trip

We are so blessed to have the largest outdoor theater in America so close to us and the Muny trips are summer highlight here! Students and families get to go on a backstage tour before the show and see how the sets are designed and built, check out the props and costumes from the show, and we even get to walk onto the Muny stage and take pictures.  We have seen Beauty and the Beast, High School Musical, Shrek, Suessical the Musical, and Grease! We hope you’ll join us for our next Muny trip.


Download the 2014/2015 calendar for an overview of important dates. For our external event calendar, click here.

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