Today, I’ve got a new chord chart coming at you from a song that was a hit a few years back yet still popular with students today.


The great thing about this one? There’s only two patterns for students to learn and then they can play the entire song.


Because there’s only two patterns, this one looks a little different than my previous chord charts. You’ll see two boxes labeled Pattern A and Pattern B at the top followed by the order and number of times each pattern occurs in the song.


Click on the picture to download your free chord chart.


I wanted to show how simple the format is and have students use their listening skills to discover thing like:

  • How many beats is each chord held during the verse?
  • How about during the chorus?
  • How many beats is is the first chord of Pattern B held?
  • Which lyrics start Pattern B?
  • What inversions/parts of the chord is Ruth B. playing?
  • Based on the opening “scene” from the video, how many BPM is this song?


Have your students watch the video and discover their answers.


You can dive deeper into the meaning of this song and give your students a challenge to take a phrase from the song and describe what it means to them.


Here is an interview with Ruth B where she shares what this song means to her.


I hope your students enjoy playing this song!


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