In the Halloween Spirit

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It’s an exciting time of year for students as they are choosing their Halloween costumes and looking forward to their plans, whether it be trick-or-treating, trunk-or-treating, fall festivals, or parties.

Here at Fun Key Music, we have been working on Halloween compositions  and students have been changing some of their cheery songs to spooky songs by putting them in a minor key and lowering the octave.  This is such a quick and fun way to add some Halloween sounds in your studio! Have the students think of a new title for the new sound they’ve created.

For more Halloween teaching ideas, check out my Top 10 Halloween Resources post from 2015.

How about a last minute Halloween song? My latest piece, No Turning Back, may be just what you’re looking for.

While most posts here will focus on teaching topics, today focuses on visual inspiration.  While it can seem like only decorating, a fresh look to your teaching space can spark creativity in your teaching and excite your students.

I wanted to decorate the piano in my studio.  And where do I go when I need inspiration?? Pinterest of course! Oh how I love Pinterest.  I use it for home decorating ideas, DIY projects, recipes, and teaching ideas.  Follow me on my Pinterest page here.  

Here are some of my favorite decor ideas that I found on Pinterest.

I love the combination of these white pumpkins and moss, the black bird resting on branches, and the mice scurrying across the keys. Click on the picture for the original post and a free instructions for the Happy Halloween banner.

Isn’t this cute? The canvases make a perfect backdrop- you could easily make these yourself with two tones of orange paint and a black paint pen.  I think I’m going to try it! Add in a lamp, some white pumpkins with black rhinestone accents, a banner, skeleton, and paper chandelier for a festive piano-scape (yes, I just made that up…)

I think this one is so clever and whimsical! I also like how the colors aren’t the typical black and orange, but instead white and black.  The top hat on the skeleton makes him friendly and fun.

I didn’t replicate any of these looks, but I rolled out my Halloween tote from storage and scrounged through to see what I could combine for my studio piano.  Here’s what I came up with.  I’m pleased with how it turned out!


Here’s the view from the my teaching chair…


I used items I already had so it didn’t cost me anything to do this.  I added some glittery pumpkins and floral stems on one side, some picture frames with Halloween images on the other, black and orange radials hanging from the ceiling and skeleton hands reaching out to try to play the piano.

If you or some of your students don’t participate in Halloween, or if you’d prefer some decorating options that will last through the rest of fall and through Thanksgiving, here are some ideas for you:

I’m drawn to the simplicity and symmetry of the styling of this piano.  The frame and banner with the greenery placed in matching vases on stacked books anchoring white pumpkins with berry garland.  And look at the fabric on that bench! Doesn’t that look inviting? I think I could sit and play for a while on this piano.

Last but not least, a look that anyone can pull off.  Just combine some pumpkins, burlap and framed sheet music and you have a sophisticated, yet simple look to last all of fall.  Keep the burlap and sheet music and swap out the pumpkins for some Christmas figurines and you can easily transition this look throughout the entire holiday season.


Love these ideas and want to see more? Additional Halloween and fall piano decor inspiration can be found here.  I’ve even included some free printables on this board for you!



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