FREEBIE: 4-Chord Variations

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Today’s post features a free PDF file including nine variations on a 4-Chord pattern along with 5 ideas how to use these in your studio.  These are ideal for students learning to play from lead sheets in pop, rock, worship, or any other genre.

There are two versions available: one includes octaves in the left hand and the other includes left hand 5ths.


Click the picture above to download Chord Variations with LH 5ths



Click the picture above to download Chord Variations with LH octaves




5 ideas to use today’s freebie in your studio:

1. Mix it up.

Mix up the order of the chords. Instead of I-vi-IV-V (1645), try 1564, 6451, etc.


2. Roll the dice.

Roll a dice 4 times to decide which diatonic chords to use in your progression.

1= I, 2=ii, 3=iii, etc.


3. Transpose.

Transpose these patterns to various keys – try both major and minor.


4. Use with lead sheets.

Apply these variations to pop, rock, worship (or any other genre) lead sheets. Replace C, Am, F, G with chords on lead sheet.


5. Decide Now.

Use the Decide Now app to decide which variation to try next.  Create even more variations and roll twice…Roll 1 will determine which RH pattern to play and Roll 2 will determine the LH pattern.

Use the wheel to the right to choose a key in which transpose one of the patterns.

It may seem like an extra step to take when you could easily just pick a new variation or key, but students LOVE spinning the wheel…even high school students. I’ll take all of the excitement I can get from my students!


How do you see using 4 chord variations in your studio?

Happy Friday and Happy Teaching!

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