The hit song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran has gained lots of attention and has been on the Top 100 Chart for 29 weeks.


The numbers speak for themselves:




The YouTube video has been viewed over 850 million times.  Check it out for yourself!


In this video, The Piano Guys give their rendition of “Perfect”.

If you love this version, you can purchase it here. (no affiliation)



Have your students sing along while they play, or turn on a recording of Perfect and your students can play along.


A couple things you may want to point out to your students:

The slashes behind the chord symbol: repeat the chord that many times or hold for that many beats.

At the end of some lines you’ll find “2x”, “4x”, or “5x”. This means to repeat that line two, four, or five times.

Explain Eb/G and that it means to play an Eb chord in the right hand, and a G in the left hand.


Click on the picture to download your copy.


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