Finger Feathers

This no-prep activity for your preschool and elementary students helps reinforce finger numbers and note values.

Materials Needed: paper, crayons, and a single die.

Objective: To be the first player to color all of their turkey feathers.

Number of students: This activity works with 2 or more, but can be adapted for your private students!

1. Trace your student’s hand or have them trace their own. Each finger becomes their turkey’s feathers.

2. Next, have your student draw their turkey’s face and feet.

3. Roll the dice and if the student rolls a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, have him color the coordinating finger number AND label it and draw the note value that receives the same number of beats.

4. If a 6 or a number that has already been colored is rolled, the dice moves to the next player.

Happy Coloring!! I’d love to see pictures of your students’ turkeys!

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