Dollar Store Summer Music Activities, Part 3

Looking for some low cost activities for summer in your studio? Fun Key Music and 4D Piano Teaching have you covered! I had the pleasure of meeting Spring and Whitney from 4D Piano Teaching at the MTNA National Conference in Baltimore this March and we knew we had to...

In the Halloween Spirit

Transform your teaching space for the season! It can be more than just decorations…a change in the visual space of your studio can inspire creativity in your teaching and spark interest with your students!

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Recitals: Awards & Goodies

Well, you’ve done it! You’ve prepared your students, printed the programs, gave your welcome speech, and delighted in your students’ performances….maybe a little nail-biting or sweating occurred, too. So, now what?

After my recital performances, I do these three things.

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Recitals: Decorations

You may be thinking that decorations are just one more thing to add to your already long list of to-do’s for your recital, but I think this will be worth the extra effort. Parents, grandparents, and guests are sure to notice the extra attention to detail.

Decorations can add to the atmosphere and theme of your recital. Best of all, in my opinion, decorations provide the perfect backdrop to some great photo opportunities. Decorations can be simple. They don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and they can make a big impact. Let’s get started!

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Recitals: Pictures

The pictures that you and your piano families take at recitals can be more than just a sentimental token and reminder of the memories you are creating….they can attract students to your studio. Be sure to take some good shots at your next performance!

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Recitals: Introductions

There are so many ways to do introductions at a recital and I think I’ve tried them all, from having students introducing themselves, me introducing each student, parents introducing their children, or no introductions at all and simply following along in the recital program.

I have found a way that works for me and my studio and has caught the attention of other teachers as well. Read more on today’s post.

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