Happy New Year, teachers! I hope the holiday season provided you with rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Today’s post is day eight in a 12 part series brought to you by a wonderful group of bloggers that I am happy to be a part of! Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this post if you’ve missed any days in the Inspiration for the 12 days of Christmas blog series.

Are you ready for a new year of teaching? I start back up on Monday the 8th, so I have a few days before I welcome students back.

Today I am bringing you eight questions that you can use as journaling prompts or a guide to reflect and plan ahead.

Before we dive in to all that we want to tackle in the new year, let’s take a look back and ask ourselves what went well in 2017.

Celebrate your successes!

Pull out any thank you cards you received, look through pictures, recital programs, social media posts and all of the good moments that happened in your studio last year.

Be proud of yourself and what you’ve accomplished. Soak it all in!

You worked hard. You deserve it!


What frustrated you this year? Collecting tuition? Late payments?

Parents not following your studio policies? Not responding to communication? Not respecting your boundaries?

What about the amount of practice your students are getting?

Identify what did not work. Be honest and ask yourself what YOU can do (not what parents or students can do) to change how you feel around these situations. If it is a source of stress or negative thinking, make a change. The effort will be worth it.


Are you using an outdated desktop and need to convert to an iPad?

Are you holding on to music that you know won’t get used?

Purge! Rearrange! Shake it up!

Do you absolutely NEED to teach on the weekends or can your body, mind, and soul use that time to refresh and renew?

Would more down time with family be better for yourself and, in turn, your students?

Are you taking advantage of all of your subscriptions, or can you let go of a few to free up money for yourself or for something that will be more effective for your students?

Cut out what is not needed.


How can you grow professionally?

There are many online and in-person seminars, conferences, workshops, and trainings to take advantage of. Decide where you want to grow. Your studio and your students will be better for it.

If the funding just isn’t there for you to attend these events, find a teaching buddy in person or online and challenge each other and hold each other accountable for new learning and growth.

How can you grow personally?

What we do outside of our studios impacts the kind of teacher we are. Making time for morning routines, health and wellness practices,  meditation and prayer, less screen time, meal planning, getting finances in order, and family life all will help us to be more centered and successful teachers.

How do you want your music and teaching to impact your community? the world?

Maybe it is to show your students how music can enhance wellness and relaxation.

What about holding a practice-a-thon or a fundraising recital?

Have you thought of becoming a Music Link teacher? Offering lessons at a local Boys and Girls Club?

Become invloed with the Alive Inside Coalition?

Music has the power to heal. Let’s make our world a better place with the power of music.


Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Ten years?

What does your dream studio look like? What does your dream personal life look like?

When you think of what you want your life will look like when your goal is a reality, describe how you will feel and how your life will be enhanced when you’re living your dream.  Connecting with your goals emotionally is an important step to making these reality.

A great way to make this emotional connection is to Draw Your Future.

A good plan is key to achieving the vision you’ve set forth for your studio. For each goal, write down the steps it will take to get you from where you are now to having your goal achieved. Repeat for each goal and you’ll have your to-do list laid out for you.

What are the exact actions you need to take to get from where you are now to where you want to be?



Focus on one thing at a time, and take action NOW. 

What’s your biggest goal for 2018? Share in the comments and we can encourage each other!

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